Mob ransacks Munger hospital after child’s death

An irate mob comprising residents of Hasanganj under Kashim Bazar police station went on rampage early Wednesday morning and damaged the glasspanes and windows of the emergency ward of the sadar hospital after the death of a three-year old female child.

Deputy superintendent of the hospital Dr. Srinath said the child was admitted by her maternal father Pradeep Sah to the hospital for head injuries which she had sustained by falling down from the staircase of her house. Her condition grew serious at about 2am on Wednesday morning. When the parents of the child approached the medical officer (MO) Dr Rakesh Sinha, who was on duty, he allegedly rebuked Sah saying he was taking rest. Later on, when a nurse of the hospital approached the MO to see the ailing child, he went there only to find that the child dead.

Consequently, child’s relatives and other people present there started creating ruckus. After the incident, all the medical officers of the sadar hospital went on a lightning strike paralysing the hospital activities. The angry villagers also closed the main gate of the hospital. Sadar sub divisional magistrate Mahesh Das brought the situation under control.

Dr Srinath said the medical officers went to the district magistrate and handed over a memorandum stating it was not possible to work in such an atmosphere. The medical officers of the hospital resumed duty after the DM’s assurance of proper action. Kotwali SHO said no FIR has so far been lodged by any side.

Two arrested with fake currency: Fake Indian currency worth Rs 1.4 lakh in Rs 500 denomination were seized on Wednesday by the police near Jubilee Well under Jamalpur police station in Munger district.

Jamalpur police station SHO Rajesh Sharan said they had received information that few persons belonging to states other than Bihar were dealing in fake currency notes and cheating people promising them to double the amount which one would pay to them. On repayment, one would find that the currency received was fake. On this tip off, a special task force was constituted under the direction of Munger SP P Kannan to conduct the raid. Two youngsters, Hannan and Hasnan who are residents of Malda district of West Bengal, were arrested red handed, said Sharan.


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