Best places to visit Jamalpur, Munger, Bihar

1. Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop

Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop was established on 8 February 1862. Jamalpur Workshop was the first full-fledged railway workshop facilities in India, set up by the East Indian Railway.

The Railway age in Eastern India started on 15 August 1854, exactly ninety-three years before Independence. A locomotive, carriage and wagon workshop was set up in Howrah to put to commission imported rolling stock of EIR and also to render economic repairs to them but it proved unsuccessful because of problems with procuring supplies and getting skilled labor. The railways spread very fast, perhaps faster than the anticipation of EIR. Within a short span of eight years, it became necessary to shift the site of the workshop, as there was hardly any scope for expansion at Howrah. And then Jamalpur Workshop was established at Jamalpur.

2. Jamalpur Gymkhana

The Jamalpur Gymkhana often referred to as Gymkhana (or merely Gym) by its members, is a hostel for young apprentice officers of the Indian Railways. It is also a club like any other Gymkhana. The difference is that membership to this club is restricted only to those who spend their formative years in its corridors. It is difficult to talk about Gymkhana without quickly moving on to the anecdotal history of its members – current and past referred to as Gymmies by its inmates.

3. Golf Course

This is the 18-hole golf course at Jamalpur. Run by the Central Institute, Eastern Railway, it is one of the three golf courses in Bihar. Established in 1913, it is certainly one of the oldest courses in the country.

Just down the Gymkhana avenue is the golf course that is frequented by the Railway and Army officers. The annual ITC Golf tournament is held here.

The golf course also has the grave of an Englishman who was killed by a tiger. The grave of the tiger is not very far away.

Previously this was of 9-hole now developed to 18 holes, marked as a standard golf course. This club is registered to the Indian Golf Union. Players from all corners of the country like to play and enjoy the nature. This golf course is having natural beauty with hills, water reservoirs, tanks and water fall in the rainy season Greenery attracts the visitors.

4. Kali Pahadi

Kali Pahadi is a mountain and picnic spot featuring a temple to the Hindu goddess Kali. The Paleolithic site of “Kali Pahar”, atop Jamalpur Hill, was the location of an important find of quartzite Early and Middle Stone Ages implements.

5. Death Valley

This site is called Death Valley for a couple of reasons. One is, its formerly dense jungle harboured many dangerous animals and secondly because a Mughal king used one of the hills as an execution point for his enemies – he would order them to be walked to the top thrown off the edge.

View from the top is very beautiful. The lake and the well-known tamarind tree are beautiful spots for self-reflection and meditation.

Sadly, the idyllic beauty is being destroyed by the practice of dynamite blasting and chiselling of local rock for building material. The practice is officially illegal, but government corruption (i.e. taking bribes from dynamite users) allows the exploiters to continue without intervention. If no action is taken, Death Valley’s beauty will be lost forever.

6. Bihar School of Yoga

The Bihar School of Yoga is a modern school of Yoga founded by Satyananda Saraswati in Munger, Bihar, India in 1963. An institution of Yogic studies was then created in 1994.
The Bihar School of Yoga is called Ganga Darshan. Residential facilities are provided for guests and students alike.

7. Where to Stay in Jamalpur

As Jamalpur being a favourite place among the tourists, there are many Hotels to stay in and around the city. Most of these hotels are fairly priced hotels which come along with all the necessary facilities. Jamalpur being a small town there are not many luxury hotels found in this place. But those present in the city are sufficient to manage the flow of the tourists.

Hotels & Restaurants

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