Hotels & Restaurants

Madras Coffee House

There used to be a small shop selling sweet meats like jalebis which was a half a century old. Currently to cater to the south indian culinary afficionados the Madras Coffee House is in full swing. Does not have much to describe but does have a small accommodation for two people and has a basic telephone booth. Not intended for soft tourists this place is more for people who have come to visit Jamalpur for railways or other nostalgic purposes.

Wight House Residency A new fully furnished(AC and Non AC accommodation) Hotel and Resto-Bar at Jubilee Well Jamalpur.

Lounges Inn It is also a full furnished Living accommodation and Resto-Bar at Jubilee Well Jamalpur.

Hotel Yatrik

This is a very famous hotel at Jamalpur (west). It has a very good living & dining accommodation for the visitors.

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