Munger district is so located in the southern Bihar and Munger town, its headquarters is located on the southern bank of the Ganges. The district lies between 24°20′ and 25°30′ north latitudes and between 85°37′ and 87°30′ east longitudes. The average height from the sea level is 30 to 65 m.

Jamalpur is located at 25°18′N 86°30′E / 25.3, 86.5.[1]. It has an average elevation of 151 metres (495 feet).

The city is in the Munger district. Munger is 8 km North West of Jamalpur. There is a road as well as a rail link between the two towns. It is an overnight journey from Kolkata.

The nearest airport is at Patna, around four hours from Jamalpur by rail. Kolkata is the nearest airport to the east from which Jamalpur can be reached by Rail. Jamalpur also has a small airstrip.

Rivers and lakes

The major rivers of this district are the Ganges, the Mohane, the Harohar and the Kiul.

Temple and village

Chandika temple is one of the famous temple in this city. Dalahatta Buzar Kumhartoli is as a small village, 80% people who staying here are kumhar by cast that make pot (Miiti ke bartan).Kalai is a village near Kharagpur having mostly bhrahmins and rajputs as its population.


There are three distinct seasons in this zone, summer (March to May), monsoon (June to September) and winter (October to February). Average annual rainfall of this district is 1146 mm (average of 53 years).this is also known as monghyr

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