Anand Marg Movement

Anand Marg Movement The movement was founded by a Jamalpur native. In 1955, P.R. Sakar left his job as a railway official and formed the first chapter of Ananda Marg (“Path of Bliss”) in Jamalpur, Bihar, India. He started to train missionaries to spread his teaching of “self-realization and service to humanity” (which became the motto of Ananda Marga) into India and the rest of the world, and in 1962 initiated the first monk (called Dada which means elder brother) of Ananda Marg.

The mission of Ananda Marga is to help individuals achieve complete self-realization and to build a social structure in which the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all people can be fulfilled. Ananda Marga contributes to the process of individual development by providing instruction in meditation and other yoga practices on a non-commercial basis.

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